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Hyderabad: 040-68102020
Bhubaneswar: 0674-2653248

Visakhapatnam: 9346132020
Vijayawada: 0866-6712020

L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) is committed to continue providing you with the medical care for your eye care needs, even during these difficult times. Your wellbeing is our utmost priority, and to make it convenient for you to seek consultation with our doctors from the safety of your homes, we are happy to bring to you ConnectCare – our online consultation service.

This service will be available on all days, including Sundays from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

If in case, you face any problem in connecting with us, please do write to us at:


The teleconsultation facility offered by L V Prasad Eye Institute is called ConnectCare.

Through Teleconsultation doctors can give online advice to patients about the treatment and management of their eye conditions, using telephone voice call, video call or an email.

Our Teleconsultation app is called ConnectCare. The LVPEI ConnectCare APP can be downloaded from on your smartphone. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Yes, you have to make an appointment for your Teleconsultation.

Please call our Teleconsultation numbers:
Hyderabad: 040-68102020
Bhubaneswar: 0674-2653248
Visakhapatnam: 9346132020
Vijayawada: 0866-6712020

Your call will be connected to our front desk team who will fix your appointment and send you an SMS to inform you the date, time and amount to be paid for your Teleconsultation.


You can also book your teleconsultation appointment at:

You can also book your appointment through the LVPEI’s teleconsultation ConnectCare APP.

Yes, the Teleconsultation service is open to all patients.

No, the doctor will not perform a complete eye examination during a Teleconsultation.

If you are a new patient, your doctor will refer to your previous medical records and relevant investigations and then offer medical advice about your current eye condition. He might also access your condition over the video telephone call.

If you are a follow-up patient, your doctor will go through your reports stored in LVPEI’s electronic medical record system and advise you accordingly.

  • Follow-up care after an eye operation
  • Appointment about a specific clinical condition of the eyes
  • E-prescription for an eye problem
  • Queries and clarifications about the patient’s eye problem and medication being used
  • Suggestion of appropriate referral locally
  • Education of the patient about eye health
  • Dilated eye examination
  • Surgeries and other similar invasive procedures

Yes, the Connect Care service is available at all the LVPEI eye hospitals. All the LVPEI eye doctors are available for online consultations.

No! The Telemedicine Practice Guidelines of India do not allow Indian doctors to give Teleconsultation advice to people located outside the country. But, if you are an International patient currently residing in India or have come for a visit to India, then you may avail this service.

Yes, emergency eye care can be provided via ConnectCare. The Teleconsultation for such an emergency situation is limited to recommending first aid, life-saving measures, counselling and referral advice.

The charge for one session is INR 250. Follow-up visits till 12 days after an eye operation are free. For a follow up visit after 12 days, the charge is INR 250.

Yes, you may schedule your Teleconsultation with a doctor and location of your choice.

Preparations for the Teleconsultation

  • Check that your registered mobile number is correct
  • If the appointment is for someone else, register their phone number
  • Informed patient consent is implied as it is the patient who seeks the Teleconsultation booking. So, read the consent statement in your text message before making your Teleconsultation appointment
  • Before your Teleconsultation time, upload all the necessary documentation such as previous relevant medical test reports and records
  • Use the freely available vision testing app PEEK Visual acuity (Android platform); watch the Peek Acuity Pro Tutorial video ( for any help and upload all the measurements of your vision. Be assured that the PEEK Visual Acuity app does not collect data of your personal identity.

Write down all your eye problems and health problems so that you don’t miss out on giving important information to your doctor. The Teleconsultation requires you to connect on the telephone call with the option of video facility.

At the time of the Teleconsultation

  • Be punctual and available by the time of your appointment
  • Be on a good internet connection
  • Keep to your allotted time and do not exceed it

After the Teleconsultation

  • Check your prescription and report
  • Email your doctor if you have any other queries

A typical Teleconsultation session duration is 15 minutes.

Yes, our Teleconsultation service is available on all days, between 8 am and 5.30 pm.

Yes. You can call the LVPEI ConnectCare helpline number (appointment numbers mentioned above) to cancel and make a new appointment.

Telemedicine is safe and approved by the Government of India. In the recently released Telemedicine India Guidelines (, Teleconsultation is a way to avail timely, faster access to out-of-reach medical services, providing a substitute for in-person consultation.

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